Full Blood

The name Wagyu simply means, Japanese cow” and refers to all breeds of beef cattle in their native homeland. The term is derived from the words “WA” meaning “Japanese” and “GYU” which translates to “cow”

Full-blood Wagyu refers to the beef produced from Wagyu cattle who show no evidence of cross-breeding with other breeds and whose pedigree can be traced back to Japan providing 100% Full-Blood Wagyu beef.

It is a very expensive endeavor with the life cycle being almost 3 years before the cow is ready to be processed. Which is why, Waygu steak is one of the most prized and expensive beef choices in the work. Waygu steak can retail at over $150 per pound. The meat is well known for its exceptional marbling which gives it a highly desirable flavor, a huge treat for meat lovers everywhere

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